By encouraging home inspections, you serve the best interests of all parties in the purchase transaction. Whether a buyer or a seller, there is much to be gained from a professional home inspection.

The Buyer

You found the house you wanted in the location you wanted and at a price that you can afford. Now what? There is also a good chance that you’re at the top of what you could afford and don’t need surprises when you move in a couple of weeks or months. That is where a complete home inspection by an experienced inspector comes in. At Ezra Malernee and Associates, we put twenty years of inspection experience and thirty-five years of construction experience to work for you. We encourage you to attend the inspection and walk around with the inspector to learn more about the systems and components that make up your new home. We average over three hours per inspection but will not leave until we have answered all of your questions. The written report is emailed the same day and a hard copy is also sent.

The Seller

As a seller, your main goal should be to maximize profit while minimizing cost. If you know your home is in tip-top shape, there should be no problem attaining that goal. But, do you know that there isn’t a fault hidden behind the furnace or electrical panel, in the attic or crawl space, on the roof or down the chimney that may stop a quick and profitable sale? As more buyers are requesting home inspections and then demanding problem areas be fixed or the sale is lost, you may want to get a leg up on what might delay your moving on. A presale home inspection may help in a couple of ways. One is that if no major problems are found, the report could be used as a sales tool. Buyers touring the house could review the report that would reassure them that you want to sell them a problem-free home. Second, if problems are found, you can correct them and show the buyers the report and corrective invoice, showing that you are not hiding anything from them. This sounds a lot better then having something big discovered just before closing and maybe having the deal fall through.

The Agent

Home inspections can enhance your professionalism in several ways. First, they reduce the likelihood of litigation against you or your firm by revealing serious problems before the buyer enters into the sale. Secondly, while an inspection will not relieve you of your legal obligation for disclosure, it does show that you provided the buyer with an opportunity to obtain information about the condition of the house from an objective professional. The good will established with the buyer is also important in helping you build a solid, long-term client referral network and to increase the number of listings that come directly to you. Finally, the home construction and maintenance information puts you at an advantage in accurately evaluating future homes for marketing. If questions do arise in contract negotiations, you will be in a better position to help mediate and expedite the sale.