At Ezra Malernee and Associates, we meet tough standards. To properly spot and report on signs of age, damage, or defective housing components and systems, a home inspector should have knowledge gained from actual home inspection experience. He should also be up-to-date with the latest materials, building techniques, and equipment. Membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors assures both.

To become a member of ASHI, inspectors must meet rigorous professional and educational requirements, including the passage of a series of three comprehensive written exams. The inspector must have also performed at least 250 fee-paid professional home inspections according to the ASHI Standards of Practice. After review and a period of one year as a candidate, he may then be granted membership.

ASHI sponsors a number of technical seminars and workshops throughout the year to assist its members in furthering their technical education.

In addition, ASHI members subscribe to the Society’s Code of Ethics, which helps eliminate the possibility of conflict of interest activities and demands fairness and impartiality toward clients.

A Recommendation

Our recommendation to you is to use and recommend ASHI certified home inspectors. In the burgeoning and largely unregulated field of home inspections, not everyone who conducts inspections is actually qualified. By recommending members of ASHI, you can be assured that home inspections will be careful, unbiased, and professional, and that will reflect well on you.